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Anti coronavirus all over the world, Xinle Huabao is on the move

Anti-COVID-19, everyone is on duty!

Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19)it has been concerned by the people all over the world also the staffs of our company, Xinle Huabao. With a high sense of social responsibility, we actively respond to the call of country to produce protective clothing, isolation clothing and required materials, for example, breathable composite film, isolation clothing composite film and other composite films (Customization is available). The subsidiaries of  Huabao Group company can produce Disposable Medical Protective Clothing and Disposable Personal/Medical Isolation Clothing for affected areas to ensure safety of first-line medical staffs as well the safety of guard personnel and people of all over the world.

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing


Offer superior levels of protection against Blood, body fluids and other infectious substance

Range of application:

Hospital, Isolation intensive care area(unit) and any other places with Strict control of microbial indicators

Disposable Personal Isolation Clothing


Offer good protection against saliva, droplets dry particles and slight chemical liquid

Range of application:

Expressway, airport detection points, street cleaning, street enforcement, bus and subway, express delivery, and any other non-medical places

Everyone together, get it over!!!

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